You might be asking yourself:

What do I need a chatbot for?

What even is a chatbot?

The short answer is:

A computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet #LookedUpTheDefinition

And this is why you will want one:

  • They will save you lots of time automating mundane manual tasks
  • Allow fans & brands to get in contact with you easier and faster
  • Enhance your Brand experience
  • Integrate with all your other communications

You might think these chatbots can do quite a lot, but we have only scratched the surface…

As with lego you can start simple and over time build out more complex structures as your brand grows.

So let’s dig a little deeper…

Automating Manual Tasks

Now before we start let’s be clear:

Chatbots can not substitute actual human interaction.

Only you can build that personal relationship with your audience or business partners.

However, what chatbots are great at is taking over  simple information exchange tasks.

Which in turn allows you to focus more on building personal relationships.



Getting in touch

In the video we wanted to show what that would look like in action.

As an example if a brand contacts you wanting to know how much you charge per post or if you would be interested in collaborating on a specific project.

The usual way would be to send you an email or direct message with that request…

The only problem is you might be getting hundreds/thousands of emails and messages every week.

So sifting through all these takes time, can be stressful and sometimes you might miss an opportunity.

At the same time, for the person reaching out, this process means they often have to wait a long time to get the info they want, and sometimes, no response at all.

This can leave them with a negative impression of your brand…

This is where chatbots are life savers!!!

Enhance your Brand

Facebook messenger gives you a direct link to your chatbot which you can use to direct all your contact requests to.

Set up a welcome message and content on your bot in a way that people can easily and instantly receive the info they are looking for!

You are basically setting it up for people to choose their own adventure

Want to work with me? Click here!

Want to read more of my blogs? Click here!

Did you know I have a podcast? Click here!

Your options are endless…

It allows you to step in your audience’s shoes and deliver on what they want the most!

Currently there is a huge first mover advantage, where people are not yet used to this kind of experience.

Being one of the first gives you an incredible leverage to build brand loyalty.

Now, bots will not always be the best option as you sometimes need to give customised responses.

But you can set up different tag systems and allow certain topics to notify you as soon as a request has come in.

That way everything is a lot more organised and you can make sure you prioritise.


With tech moving so quickly, we are often are on the defence when something new comes onto the market.

We think

Oh no! I need to learn something new again!

Change my whole marketing strategy!”

But that isn’t really the case with chatbots.

Think of them more as a complementary tool that can be integrated with your current communication strategies.

In the video, we showed an example of how you can integrate it easily with Instagram.

But because you have a direct link to your Messenger you can integrate it in most places you choose.

And if you create a lot of content like blogs, video, podcasts etc., this is another great way of distributing.

And we only just got started

These bots can do a lot, as we have seen.

They are like our own Personal Assistants (and they never get sick or need a holiday 😝)

Really want to get your head spinning?

Here a simply a few other options…

  • You can integrate your products and store with Messenger so people can buy from you without ever leaving Messenger
  • Add Customer Care for after sales like letting customers track their shipping
  • You can run Facebook ads aimed towards people that are visiting an event or product on your website, that then instantly open in Messenger if they have any more questions…

But before your head explodes…

Remember this:

The true beauty of Facebook chatbots is that you can start at a simple and basic level and build your way up.

This makes it a great marketing strategy no matter what your resources!

We hope you found this article valuable!

If you want to know more or have any questions you can find out more here

Or why not see a bot in action…

Simply click to have a chat with our JLD House Bot WALL-E 🤖

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