Great Marketing starts with Excellent Company Culture

If you are you running your own business or leading a team…

Then you want to be tuning in to our interview with Amy Irvine General Manager at the Goodlife Gym in Cleveland!

Her natural energy and enthusiasm is contagious for one!

And you will learn the essential steps to take to not just have loyal customers but to build a community…

Great Branding starts from within and Amy shares with us how they have created amazing Company Culture which manifests in exceptional Customer Experience

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A Happy Team makes for Happy Customers

Now you might be thinking

“How is Building Company Culture going to help me get more Customers?”

And this is why this interview with Amy was so great, as it gives you the real life examples of how a happy team creates happy customers.

Challenges don’t break, but make Leaders

Although it is easy to be carried away with Amy’s enthusiasm, like everyone she goes through her dark spells as well.

In Contrast to all her positivity it was great to finish off the interview with one of her personal challenges…

We all face them and as we discussed the topic in more depth, we get to the conclusion that challenges are the stripes you need to earn to be an exceptional leader…

It gives you more Empathy for your Team and Customers, which in turn makes your Brand even Stronger!

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