Are you stuck in a bit of a rut?

Started working in a field that you just don’t like?


Well a few years ago, Jonathan found himself in the same spot.

And everything’s turned out okay for him.


His message: you don’t have to have it all figured out, just find something you’re passionate for.

Jonathan studied Finance but about 6 months into his job, he knew it just wasn’t for him.

He didn’t have the passion for the work and on top of that, hated the workplace drama and inflexibility.



Like most 22 or 23-year-olds, Jonathan didn’t know what he wanted to do, but he did know that it wasn’t in Finance.

He considered working in Real Estate because it was a popular choice among his friends, but that wasn’t it either.


Jonathan really just wanted reasonable income and some flexibility and freedom in his life.


Jonathan knew he didn’t want to go back to school, so he started making connections. He figured out what skills he already in his repertoire and found a business that could benefit.

By doing this, Jonathan learned some new skills as well.

He says that it’s all about resourcefulness these days because you can learn pretty much anything on the internet.

While he was still finding his way, Jonathan spent a lot of his spare time listening to podcasts.

His brother introduced him to them and Jonathan fell in love straight away.


One day, Jonathan decided to “send kudos” to the writer of The Podcast Wire, a newsletter which summarised a bunch of podcasts to help people figure out which ones to listen to.

As it so happens, the writer was looking for a partner and some help with the newsletter and website, so Jonathan jumped on board.


Not too long after, the two guys, both with business backgrounds, started a new venture, The Startup Mixtape.

It’s a similar concept to The Podcast Wire, however, they aim to provide a more personalised podcast discovery newsletter.

They both agreed that this venture could have gone nowhere, but at the least, they will have learned something. (That’s a pretty awesome attitude if you ask me.)

Although this is a bit of a side project at the moment (we all need an income, right?), Jonathan and his partner hope to make this a full-time gig by connecting with podcasters and influencers and building a brand which resonates with people.

They believe that if you build goodwill with your consumers, and build a brand they love, people will flock to it and purchase because you’re providing value up front.


Jonathan gets a lot of his wisdom from listening to others.

He believes that if you have 1000 people who love what you do then you’ll be able to sell something.

But Jonathan also believes that if he helps even 1 or 100 people get out of the kind of rut in which he found himself, this will all have been worth it.


On top of that, Jonathan found he is a better person and can share love and excitement with his family when he is happier at work.


The moral of the story?

PASSION! You need passion in your work to enjoy it.


And if you don’t have it, don’t be afraid to go out and find it.