Not too long ago, our CEO, Jen, sat down with Bish from Stones Restaurant at Wellington Point, West of Brisbane.

Bish has had a fascinating career in hospitality and healthcare and generously gave his time to provide insights into the life of a small business owner.

We learnt a lot from Bish. He says…

happy owner = happy employees 😊

To be a happy owner, appreciate what you have and give yourself some “switch off time.”


happy employees = happy customers 😊

To have happy staff members, work with them by leading by example, and allow them to grow and develop their skills. Let them take ownership over their work.


happy customers = happy business 😊

To make your customers happy, spend the time and do the job right.



Please take a listen to all of Bish’s wisdom!



Or if reading is more your thing…


Bish takes us through his experiences moving from Nepal as a young, shy boy, to owning his first restaurant at just 21!

Bish moved to Australia to study Nursing. He has since finished his degree and works as a Registered Nurse while also owning and operating Stones. (He must be great at managing his time!)



Bish says he finds that he can express his creativity much more through hospitality, whereas nursing is an occupation where you “just check the boxes” which provides him with a break.

(He is the first nurse I’ve ever heard describe the profession as a “break.”)



He sees similarities in nursing and hospitality because both industries exist to help people.

They are both forms of customer service.

Customer service, according to Bish, is the most important part of being a business owner.

If you can keep your customers happy, then your business will be happy.


And the best way to keep your customers happy?
Bish says that if his employees enjoy working for him, they will feel more invested in the business and provide excellent service.

The key to this, he says, is changing up the routineness of work and leading by example.

In customer service, you will experience something new every day because the people are different every day.

By getting in the trenches and showing your employees how to do a good job (rather than just telling them), Bish says he has a great understanding of every part of the business and employees respect that.



Bish loves seeing his employees, many of whom are school or university students, grow into young adults.

He says that it is important to give your employees opportunities to develop their skills, particularly if this is their first job.


There are some challenges with owning your own business, according to Bish. He finds responsible staff and time management can be difficult (he hardly has time to sleep), but always tries to keep a big smile on his face and remain positive.


The main thing, Bish says, people notice about him and (Nepalese people generally) is their level of happiness. People frequently ask why Nepalese people are always smiling, and Bish says it’s because Nepal is a poor country and the people don’t own much.

He says the more you own, the more you have to lose.

Instead, they focus on their relationships and happiness.



Before owning his own restaurant, Bish worked at Donut King and followed his boss into a new business venture: Stones.

When the (then) owner of Stones and Bish’s former boss, wanted to sell, Bish swooped in and bought the restaurant.


He credits some of his courage to expand on his own to his boss’ belief in his abilities as a business owner, and his immense guidance.

Bish also attributes part of his success to his loving wife and her support.


Bish brings this wonderful optimism into Stones and his role as an employer, businessman, and person.


We can all learn a lot from Bish’s positivity and willingness to get in the trenches.

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