How do you win the game of life?

It’s a question I think about a lot.

Well, sometimes it comes out a little different, like:

What is my purpose in life?

How do I live my life the best?

How do I get a hot husband?

What makes me happy?

What does success look like to me?

How do I afford the nice black Mercedes?

I’m sure you ask yourself similar questions…

But asking: “What is the purpose in my life?” can be a tough question to answer…

However, when we relate it to something we already know, it’s much easier to break down these tough questions.

I have found asking:

“How do I win the game of life?”

frames these deep meaningful questions in a simpler way.

Think about it this way:

Life is a game.

There is a beginning and an end.


You can win or lose.

There are other players.

There are obstacles and challenges.

It is fun…

Now you might ask:

How do you win?

What are the rules of the game?

How do you score?

Are you playing with others or against them?

How long will we be able to play this game?

Some of these questions I think none of us can answer.

Others are different for each one of us.

I can share with you how I play my game and perhaps you will want to integrate parts into your own game.


The rules

The game is unpredictable and challenging.

Like chess or tennis it is a counter-punch game.

We are always confronted with what life throws at us and need to make our best counter-move.

But rather than playing this against an opponent, we play this game against ourselves.

Then perception is our reality.

It is our mind and emotions that give meaning to everything.

And we always have a choice what meaning we give it.

An extreme, but perfect example for this is the movie “Life is Beautiful”.

Roberto Benigni plays a jewish Italian Waiter who is taken into a concentration camp with his son.

How do you find a positive meaning in something so evil and devastating?

But determined to shelter his son from the horrors of his surroundings, he convinces him that their time in the camp is merely a game.

And portrays the beautiful truth that life is always what we make it.

Again like in a tennis or chess match the game has no set play time.

Unlike football or rugby where you are given 90/80 mins and whoever has the highest score when the whistle blows wins.

It’s more like the whistle can be blown at any given moment and if we have won or lost the game is down the score we have when it’s all over.

How to win

How do you win this game that is so unpredictable, where you never know when it will finish and where your perception is governing the points?

This is truly the beauty of the game of life

There are so many things we can’t control…

The cards get dealt, we don’t know when it will be over, what lies ahead of us, how the game really works…

But the thing we do get to decide is…

How we score the points and what points we get…

We get to decide if we are winning or loosing every moment of our lives.

Once you know this simple trick, you can decide what is really important in your life and how you are going to judge the game.


You can decide if you want to take action on what you want…

If you will earn or loose points in every moment.

If you will let the challenge…relationship…failure…disappointment…setback…

Make or break you.

You always have the choice to rise up or duck down.

We also want to remember why we play games.

What the purpose of them is.

Again it is different for all of us.

For some of we like to play them because they are fun, they bring us enjoyment and happiness.

Some of us like to play games with our friends and families.

Others like to play games to test their limits, challenge themselves and perform at their very best.

Sometimes games are a necessity and we need to play to survive.

Other times they make us feel fulfilled, good about ourselves and accomplished.

For some of us it’s a combination of different reasons at different times.

Sometimes we start the game wanting to have fun, but then get to caught up in the competition we loose track of the main goal.

But whatever the reason or score is, the greatest part is…

We can play a different game at any time.

Heading to the finish line

Now that you know how I think about playing the game of life myself, I’m sure there is some of you that agree on some points…

And then there’ll be others that will disagree on all points.

Personally I think that is perfectly fine.

I think life is an insular game…

Meaning it really only matters what we decide ourselves.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t listen to others, take in other points of view and opinions…

(So I’m more than happy to take all kinds of feedback in the comments below)

But I do believe that ultimately we need to draw our own conclusions.

And for me I have drawn a simple one…

I want to honour this incredible life I have been given…

I want to do my best, reach my full potential, be kind, have a positive impact on others…

For me winning the game is doing

What I want,

When I want,

Contributing in a positive way and acting on what I believe in

While enjoy every minute of this beautiful life!

And I’ve got a simple strategy to make that happen…

Anticipate a long and adventurous life, where I can achieve all my ambitions and dreams…

But equally be prepared for the game to end any moment and live my life in way that I’d be thrilled with the score.

Thank you so much for reading and making it to the end!

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, so simply add them below 🙂

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